Rent a Flat in Fife - Deposit Issues

It is a known fact that under this new economic crisis, conditions for mortgages are not favourable, and many people are turning to rental properties for a place to live. In order to secure a rental property, it is often the case that the letting agent, or private individual you are renting from, requires a payment of 1 months rent in advance, plus a further months rent as deposit. Some people have recently been laid off from their employment, and have little or no "spare" money. This means they are not in a position to put down a months rent, plus find a further months rent as deposit. Often the prospective tenant has to seek assistance from the Fife Council with regard to benefit payments, and in particular, to Local Housing Allowance (LHA) payments.

Due to the stigma attached to people who find themselves down on their luck, and possibly in receipt of benefits such as Local Housing Allowance, many letting agents are not prepared to accept such people on their books. Fortunately, there is a charity, in Fife, that is able to help.  If the prospective tenant qualifies,  after a formal interview has taken place,  the charity may be in the position of being able to guarantee the deposit, thereby giving a tenant the chance to pay 1 months rent and move in! The rental tenant then comes to an arrangement with the charity as to how they repay the deposit money they have been "loaned".

A good letting agent should be able to give prospective tenants advice as to who to contact about a guaranteed deposit, and, if the letting agent deals with the charity on a regular basis, they can also provide details as to who to speak to. Having this sort of information is such a help in relieving the stress that some people find themselves under in their search for good rental accommodation.