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Rent a Flat in Budapest   by Joseph C. York

in Real Estate / Leasing    (submitted 2012-12-03)

Rent a flat in Budapest

So I guess you are reading this article, because you are interested to rent a flat in Budapest.

You came to the right place. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Joseph. I have been working as a real estate agent in Budapest for the last 13 years. I gained my experience and knowledge at the Leading Real Estate Agency In Budapest Specializing in Rentals. I visited about 3000 Flats personally!!! in Budapest. I have found about 500 properties in my career for tenants. No bragging just want to convince you, that I am the right person to help you to rent a flat in Budapest. So recently I become a freelancer. I can offer you my know-how.

What I will provide for you:

- Professional knowledge of Budapest. I provide destination service full presentation on living in Budapest- social life, security, driving, healthcare, schooling, shopping- visiting the residential areas and suitable properties.

- Biggest Database of properties for rent a flat in Budapest

- I will take you to visit the properties with my own car.

- Negotating with owners, making contracts in both English/Hungarian.

I give you some free tips on renting properties:

1. When visiting properties do not show your emotions your excitement straight away

2. Always tell the agent to negotiate the property for you.

3. Tell directly to me your durations of your staying time, because the price can be much higher if your contract is shorter than 1 year

4. If you have pets (dogs, cats ) mention it to me, It can make or break a contract.

5. The usual deposit is 2 months rent

6. The rental fee does not include the utility fees and building service fee.

7. The realtor commission is paid by the landlord

You don't have to pay fee in Budapest unless you want to

8. I will explain to you which areas are the most suitable for you according to your needs

9. There are a lot of foreign people in Budapest owning flats especially in the downtown areas. They bought their flats for investment purposes. I will help you to find the best deals for you

As you can see you will get a full service from me in your new life when moving to Budapest. Whatever wish you have I will fulfill in regarding your searh of renting a flat in Budapest. Check the author box bellow and please send your request to me. I will be more than happy to help you. You won't regret it.

Kind Regards