Real Estate Marketing Tools The Most Powerful Tool of All

Do you know what the most powerful real estate marketing tool is? Here's a hint. You see it every time you look in the mirror. That's right, it's you. As a knowledgeable real estate agent, you are your most powerful tool for real estate marketing.

Real Estate Marketing Tools Exposed

A lot of companies clamor about the "power" of their real estate marketing tools, as if you simply have to turn them on and let them boost your business. This is practically what some companies claim. Do I exaggerate? Only a little. I can think of one such product off the top of my head (name withheld of course), and the pitch goes something like this: "Our revolutionary software will launch your real estate business into the stratosphere."

The stratosphere? Wow, that sounds fantastic. But you'll notice there's a critical ingredient missing from the above statement. You! You're the most powerful real estate marketing tool you own, whether you realize it or not. So the stratosphere claim would be more truthful if it added the words "will help you" ... as written below:

"Our revolutionary software will help you launch your real estate business into the stratosphere."

That's more accurate, because now the advertising claim includes you. And you are by far the most important part of the equation.

You Are Your Best Marketing Tool

The point I'm making is simply this. If you shop for a real estate marketing tool to take your business to the next level, you are going to be disappointed. Real estate marketing starts with great services and big ideas. The "tools" are just a way to communicate those services and ideas to your audience.

Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Tools

You are your best tool for real estate marketing. We've covered that one. So what are some other top tools? Here are four more tools successful real estate marketers usually have in common.

1. You - Which we've covered already.

2. Persistence - Repetition is a big part of real estate marketing. You try a certain strategy, see how it works, modify it as needed, repeat it again, etc. This requires patience and persistence. Make sure you have these things before you try any form of marketing.

3. Imagination - Without imagination, you have no hope but to copy the marketing programs of other real estate agents. Mimicry will only get you so far, especially if you're copying a marketing strategy that's already being used in your area. Only imagination can help you find the next big idea in real estate marketing. And only big ideas can produce big results.