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Real Estate Market - How Not To Let Future Market Crashes Effect You?   by John T. Dalke

in Real Estate    (submitted 2009-12-04)

The housing market crash is big news in most newspapers and the evening report everyday. Despite this there are certain pockets which have not been so badly affected by this crash. Homeowners in these areas are still not as hard hit as others but should prepare in advance so that the impending crash does not affect them too much. There is not much time left before the real estate crash comes knocking on their doorsteps too.

You can never be sure how and when the market will act up. It does not take long for a perfectly good market to turn into a nightmare. Before you realize what hit you, you will be interned with a property that refuses to change owners. This could spell disaster for investment properties. No that personal properties are far behind, especially if you want to sell it for a decent profit. It is thus crucial that you should protect yourself and look around for good options that can bail you out in case of a crash.

The first step would be to change the type of mortgage you have. As soon as possible you should convert your adjustable or interest only mortgage to a fixed interest loan. With fixed rate your options for lower interest rates becomes viable. Also in case interest rates start to rise you will be well protected as your monthly payments will see no corresponding increase.

Take a stock of your situation, and work out if you will be able to afford inhabiting in your current home. If there is no way you can shift homes then any devaluation of the property makes little difference to your stand. You can consider this property as a long term investment. The housing market is expected to stabilize in due course and with it your property value will also stabilize. If you are already facing problems regarding your monthly payments and feel that soon you may not be able to support it, that it would be in your best interest to sell your property and move out before the market decides to crash.

Another aspect you have to be careful about is the safety of your investments. It is well known that most institutions invest in the real estate, thus if anything goes wrong with the real estate market, in all probability your investments will be in a soup. Ensure your safety. You can do this by simply getting hold of the analysis rating for your bank and S&L.

You need to be careful about your present and any future investments that you are planning. Pay due attention and focus carefully before you decide to invest your money in this market. The present housing crisis dictates that conservative options are your best bet. You could opt for safer investments like Treasury Bills, CDs and even strong foreign currencies.

A conservative and careful approach can safe guard you against the market turmoil. You need a good focus to protect yourself and your investments in order to be able to tide over the impending market crash.